Recent publication (2011)

Structural Geology and Tectonic Evolution of the Sognefjord Transect, Caledonian Orogen, Southern Norway - A Field Trip Guide

Alan Geoffrey Milnes and Fernando Corfu

Geological Society of America, Field Guide 19                          

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Photos along the transect

At the east end of the Sognefjord Transect, Precambrian crystalline rocks of the Jotun nappe overlying strongly deformed Palaeozoic phyllites of the Main Caledonian Thrust Zone (200-300 km of displacement), Vang in Valdres (Stop 1.1), looking west

Outcrop of Precambrian migmatites about half way along Sognefjorden (ca. 60 km from the sea, at its deepset point, ca. 1300 m), near Saele (Stop 3.2), looking west 

At the western end of the Sognefjord Transect, coarse conglomerates of the Solund Devonian Basin overlying mylonitic rocks of the Nordfjord-Sogn Detachment Zone (normal displacement of around 50 km), from Hyllestad (Stop 4.3), west coast of Norway, looking west

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