K.L. Milnes

Kirsten Lolita Milnes-Andersen

Diploma of  Analytical Psychology (C.G.Jung-Institut, Zürich, 1982) and Member of the International Association of Analytical Psychologists (IAAP)

Diploma of Group Analysis (London, 1993) and Member of the Norwegian Institute of Group Analysis (IGA, Oslo)

Languages: English, Spanish, German, Norwegian, Swedish, French, Italian

Home address: Grand-Rue 7C, 2035 Corcelles (NE), Switzerland
 Tel.: +41 32 731 0714
E-mail address: kmilnes@bluewin.ch            
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Biographical Summary

 Born 1940, in Valencia, Spain; married to Alan Geoffrey Milnes in 1961; three children.  Educated at Alliance Francaise, Valencia, Fagerborg Gymnasium, Oslo, and the Universities of Oslo, Basel, Edinburgh and Wisconsin/Milwaukee (Cand. mag. in Philology, Oslo 1965). Speaks: English,  Spanish, German, Norwegian, Swedish, French, Italian.

Professional studies: 1977-1982 at C.G.Jung Institut, Zürich (Diploma, 1982); 1985-1992 at Institute of Group Analysis, London/Oslo (Diploma, 1993). Licensed as psychotherapist in Sweden since 1994.

Clinical practice: 1977-1982 at Klinik am Zürichberg, Zürich (9 month praktikum, afterwards affiliated as therapist); 1980, 1984, 1985and 1986 at Modum Bads Nervesanatorium, Norway (summer months, as individual and family therapist).

Private practice in individual, family and group psychotherapy: 1981-1985, 1989-1990 in Zürich, Switzerland; 1985-1989 in Trondheim and Oslo, Norway; 1990-1992 in Grimstad and Oslo, Norway; 1992-1994 in Bergen, Norway; 1994-2003 in Stockholm and Uppsala, Sweden.

Currently working on: (1) dreams in transitions of life, and dreams and culture, particularly in groups; (2) stigma and leprosy (grantee on course in Leprology at the leprosy sanatorium at Fontilles, Spain, autumn 1999, worked as volunteer at Fontilles for 1 month each in 1999 an 2000, and later for many shorter periods): book "Journey from the Dark" on medical history, leprosy and stigma, 2010 (see Authorship).

Other experience: Language teaching (Spanish, English) in Oslo, Basel and Zürich (Berlitz). Lectures courses at the C.G.Jung Institut, Zürich (Nordic mythology, Language and psyche), at the Institute for Analytical Psychology, Stockholm (Dream interpretation), and at Uppsala university (1993).  Seminars and lectures for Jungian circles in Copenhagen, Trondheim, London, Jerusalem and Valencia, and at the group analytic conference in Copenhagen (1997). Numerous weekend and evening courses on dreams, myths, picture interpretation, Jungian psychology, etc..  Founding member of  the Institute for Analytical Psychology in Stockholm , Board member 1994-1997. Committee member of the Association of Group Psychotherapists in Stockholm  from 1996 to1999, and treasurer of the Swedish Council for Group Psychotherapy from 1997 to1999.

Professional associations: Member of the International Association of Analytical Psychologists (IAAP), Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Analytische Psychologie (SGfAP), and the Association of Graduates of Analytical Psychology of the C.G.Jung-Institut, Zürich (AGAP). Member of the Norwegian Institute of Group Analysis ( IGA, Oslo ).