GEA Consulting

GEA Consulting

GEA Consulting is the registered name of advisory services directed and managed by Alan Geoffrey Milnes, geoscience consultant. A.G. Milnes was Titular Professor of Geology at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich), now retired, and formerly Professor of Geology at the Universities of Trondheim and Bergen, Norway. GEA Consulting was established in Zürich in 1988 under the name Geological and Environmental Assessments (GEA) .   From 2004, GEA Consulting has been based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
Office address: Grand-Rue 7C, CH-2035 Corcelles (NE)
Office phone: +41 32 731 0714

 Special fields
Geoscientific aspects of environmental problems, site characterization for radioactive waste disposal, structural modelling, regional tectonics, project management 

Contracts (clients)

2012-2017: member of the Expertengruppe Geologischer Tiefenlage (EGT), Swiss Federal Nuclear Inspectorate (ENSI)

2011-2017 : Chief Editor, Swiss Journal of Geosciences

2010-2014: member of the external review team , SARG project: extension of the SFR low-intermediate nuclear waste facility at Forsmark (Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co., SKB, Sweden)

2001-2010: consultancy services and research advice, site characterisation and structural modelling for deep disposal of spent nuclear fuel at Olkiluoto, Finland (Posiva Oy, Finland)

2004-2009 : scientific review of reports on geological characterization and modelling for ongoing site investigations  for deep disposal of spent nuclear fuel, Forsmark and Laxemar (Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co., SKB, Sweden)

2003-2004: review of the tectonics of northern Switzerland as presented in the Entsorgungsnachweis for high-level nuclear waste in Opalinus shale, NAGRA 2002 (Nuclear Power Inspectorate, HSK - now ENSI, Switzerland)

2001-2003: geological adviser to Geological Survey of Lithuania: host rock and site selection of radioactive waste disposal programme (SKB International Consultants, Sweden)

2002-2003: consultant for developing a strategy for structural modelling for site investigations, deep disposal of spent nuclear fuel (Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co., SKB, Sweden)

2002: co-leader of 10p post-graduate course in “Lithosphere Dynamics” (Dept. of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University, Sweden)

1999-2001: compilation of geoscientific background material related to  site selection and safety analysis for the deep disposal of spent nuclear fuel in Sweden (Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co., SKB, Sweden)

1998-2001: member of the International Review Group for the safety of nuclear waste disposal in Finland (Nuclear Power Inspectorate, STUK, Finland)

1998-1999: science coordinator, 10th biennial meeting of the European Union of Geosciences, Strasbourg (EUG 10 Programme Committee/Uppsala University, Sweden)

1998: member of review group for SKB Förstudie for radioactive waste disposal in Östhammer kommun (Uppsala University, Sweden)

1989-1997: interactive review of research for high-level radioactive waste disposal in  the crystalline basement of northern Switzerland (Nuclear Power Inspectorate, HSK, Switzerland)

1991-1998: interactive review of research for low/intermediate radioactive waste disposal at the Wellenberg site in the Swiss Alps (Nuclear Power Inspectorate, HSK, Switzerland)

1996-1998: desk study: recent research on crustal structure and regional tectonics of southeastern Sweden (Uppsala University/Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co., SKB, Sweden)

1990-1994:  applied research: quantification of fault/fracture systems for reservoir simulation (Geo-Recon AS, Oslo, for the PROFIT group of oil companies, Norway)

1993: chairman, Working Group on Site Selection, International Hearing of Final Disposal of Nuclear Waste, Braunschweig (Ministry of Environmental Affairs, Lower Saxony, Germany)

1988-1992: environmental impact assessment (geoscientific aspects), hydropower development project, Poschiavo, Central Alps (Brusio Power Co., Switzerland)

1991: co-supervisor in student project: renaturalisation of the river Birsig, Basel (Dept. of Environmental Sciences, ETH Zürich, Switzerland)

1990-1991: compilation of the geoscientific data base relevant to the planned deep Alpine tunnels, Gotthard and Lötschberg (Swiss Federal Office of Transport, AlpTransit Projekt, Switzerland)

1990-1991: environmental impact assessment for the waste disposal site Suhr-Oberholz (INFRAS Zürich/Büro Buser&Finger/Environmental Protection Section, Canton Aargau, Switzerland)

1989-1991: applied research: joint and bedrock stability analysis, cover rocks of the SE Swedish Precambrian basement (Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co., SKB, Sweden)

1989: desk study, tectonic evolution of East Greenland in a North Atlantic context (Applied Polar Research, Cambridge, UK)

1986-1989: applied research: prediction and modelling of tectonic reservoir heterogeneities, Norwegian offshore hydrocarbon fields (Geo-Recon AS, Oslo, for Statoil, Norway)