A.G. Milnes

Alan Geoffrey Milnes - biographical summary


Born 1938, in Leeds, England. Married to Kirsten (Andersen) in 1961, three children. Educated at Ilkley Grammar School, University of Edinburgh (B.Sc. 1960) and University of Basel (Dr. Phil. 1964). Speaks English, German, Norwegian (Swedish).

Academic positions

1963-1965, Assistant Lecturer at University of Edinburgh, Department of Geology;
1965-1968, Assistant Professor at Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Dept.of Earth Sciences;
1969-1984, Dozent at ETH Zürich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Geological Institute; 1980-1985, Co-Director of the Geological-Mineralogical Museum;
1984-present, Titular Professor at ETH Zürich, Dept. of Earth Sciences
1985-1987, Professor of Geology at NTH (Norwegian Technical University), Trondheim
1991-1998, Professor of Geology at University of Bergen
1998-2002, Research Associate, Dept. of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University

2009-2017, Editor, from 2011, Chief Editor, Swiss Journal of Geosciences

Teaching: structural geology, tectonics, lithosphere dynamics, environmental geology; supervision of 10 PhD and 20 MSc theses. Research: deformation processes in collisional orogens (Central Alps, Scandinavian Caledonides, Southern Andes), structural geology of glaciers,  brittle tectonics of southern Scandinavia (SW Norway, SE Sweden, onshore/offshore correlations), fault/fracture analyses in rift systems (Suez, Utah), geological aspects of radioactive waste disposal (book “Geology and Radwaste”, Academic Press, 1985).

Member of the Geological Society of America (GSA), Edinburgh Geological Society and Swiss Geological Society; founding member of the Swiss Energy Foundation (board member 1974-1985).
Independent consultancy established 1988 in Zürich under the name Geological and Environmental Assessments (GEA), registered in Norway as GEA Consulting. 

 Main projects/fields of experience:  radioactive waste disposal, specialised in site characterisation and geological modelling: technical reviews in structural geology-rock mechanics-geohydrology, site selection studies; environmental impact assessment: geoscience input for hydropower and waste disposal projects;  structural reservoir modelling for offshore Norwegian oil and gas fields (in co-operation with Geo-Recon AS, Oslo); desk studies in regional tectonics for various purposes (oil exploration, radioactive waste disposal, Alpine tunnels).